Vine Properties offers a full maintenance package with every new home built which is included for one year, and can be extended thereafter. Your home has several major systems that will benefit from preventive maintenance, giving you extra years of service and peace of mind. Regular maintenance packages vary based upon the mechanical equipment and features of the home, however, such services generally include:

  • Complete bi-annual HVAC system maintenance and system checks, including, filter and pad replacements;

  • Standby gas generator service and maintenance;

  • Sump Pump and Ejector Pit inspections and service;

  • Gutter Cleaning and downspout inspections;

  • Exterior inspection of your home for penetration issues (i.e., caulking, siding, masonry gaps, etc.);

  • Inspection of attic air handlers or attic systems, including drain lines;

  • Sprinkler system winterization and spring turn on;

  • Change batteries, where applicable, in all smoke detectors;

  • Check the connections and check for any blockages in dryer exhaust vent system;

  • Drain and flush out hot water heater and verify pressure relief valve is working; and

  • Verify main water cut-off valve is accessible and functioning properly.