Founded in 2001, Vine Properties quickly established itself as a significant influence in the Western suburban custom home market. Since our founding we’ve constructed and renovated more than 20 structures and developed a reputation for integrity, quality, value and unique architectural beauty—inside and out. Just ask our clients.

Our Philosophy

At Vine Properties, we believe in an honest, personal and detailed approach toward complete client satisfaction. We are proud to be known for providing the highest quality of product and service. Our approach is to design and build each home or space as if it were our own; and it’s through this focus and dedication, while maintaining the client’s vision at the forefront, that we maintain satisfied customers and repeat ones. We gauge our success on a project-to-project basis and on the quality of our most recent reference.

The Vine Properties Approach

Building your home should be an exciting and pleasurable experience, not an arduous task. Your home is a special place and, as the builder, we take our responsibility and work seriously. Working with Vine Properties ensures that the building experience will be a positive one.

Here's why:

1. Thorough Planning:     Through a complete vetting of the whole construction outline we ensure that every detail is considered in order to eliminate surprises, cost over-runs and delays during your project.

2. Value Engineering:    Whether we have designed your plans or an outside architect has, we audit your home plans and make value engineering suggestions in order to maximize the use of space, save you time and, ultimately, save you money. We plan and build your home with, not only your vision in mind, but the value of your investment as well.

3. Green Building:    “Green” is a buzzword these days that is loosely applied to mean “eco-friendly”; although installing environmentally friendly products and building materials is only a small piece of Green building. Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources — energy, water, and materials — while reducing a building’s impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle. Green building incorporates practices such as ensuring that a building maintains a healthy indoor air environment, equipping buildings with efficient mechanical systems, reducing waste, installing a robust and continuous thermal barrier (i.e., high quality insulation, windows and doors), using sustainable practices and materials, and incorporating intelligent design. We have the experience to help build your home with adherence to Green principles.

4. Quality Subcontractors:    Our relationships with respected local tradesmen enable Vine Properties to offer the convenience and quality of local workmanship without sacrificing value. Local tradesmen allow us to respond to our clients service requests immediately, no matter what.

5. Clean & Safe:    Our construction sites are always clean, neat and efficient; maintaining a safe site is always a top priority. In addition, our clients are comfortable on-site because our craftsmen are courteous and respectful.

6. Communication:    The business of designing and building custom homes is very personal. It’s a people business—a service business. We work directly with you, the client, and are on-site daily to supervise construction and consult with our craftsmen. We are always available and keep our clients apprised of construction progress with regular communication, site visits and accompanying photos, as needed. Also, we realize that in today’s business and social environment people’s schedules can differ and be non-traditional, so we make ourselves readily available to meet our client’s schedule.

7. Open Books:    Every Vine Properties requisition contains thorough documentation detailing all costs, so that you can be sure your money is well spent. We have no hidden markups and we pass along ALL of our contractor discounts.

8. Hassle Free Punch List:    As your project nears completion, punch list items are quickly identified and executed. This is ensured through constant updating of punch list items during the project, not just periodically or at the end of the project.

9. Homeowners Manual:    At the end of construction, we will guide you through a tutorial of your home’s operational systems and provide you with a Homeowner’s Manual containing, among other things, key contacts, warranties, operational manuals and system maintenance guidelines for your home.

10. One Year Warranty:    All Vine Properties projects are warranted for one year after completion.

11. One Year Maintenance Package:    Vine Properties offers a full maintenance package with every new home built which is included for one year, and can be extended thereafter. Your home has several major systems that will benefit from preventive maintenance, giving you extra years of service and peace of mind. [Please see more under the home maintenance link].

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