New Construction

Building a custom home is a labor of love that requires a commitment of time, talent and attention to detail throughout the entire process. We work alongside you at each step to ensure every requirement is met and every desire is satisfied, while working within a pre-determined budget and timeline. With our proven process, we are able to anticipate and avoid challenges before they arise. As a result, you are able to relax and enjoy the custom home building experience. In the end, you have a truly unique home that serves as a reflection of your lifestyle. You will find yourself surrounded by your preferences, designed and built to accommodate your daily routine.


We’ve found that the best homes are derived from a collaborative process between homeowner, architect and builder. We have the experience to audit your new home’s plans and make value engineering recommendations that will save you money without sacrificing quality.


Once the design is determined, the planning phase begins in earnest. During the development of your project’s construction schedule each phase of the construction process is planned in detail. This approach allows us to look forward and eliminate surprises and delays down the road. A thorough vetting of the entire construction outline ensures that every detail is considered.


During the construction process Vine Properties maintains a neat, clean and safe construction site, ensuring that efficiency is maintained and costs controlled. We routinely provide construction updates and itemized accounting reports throughout the course of the project. We are on-site daily to ensure that all work completed is of a high quality and the construction schedule is maintained.


After your home is complete you can rest assured that it is covered by a one year warranty. Upon completion, you will be provided with a Vine Properties Homeowner’s Manual and we will guide you through a tutorial of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, alarm and audio/visual systems, making sure you are familiar with all the systems in your home.


Vine Properties provides caretaking and maintenance for those clients who wish to have their homes cared for by the people who know their homes best. Our company legacy is the homes we build. We are committed to caring for that legacy.

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Vine Properties offers extensive services and resources to complete your renovation or addition projects. During careful renovation and reuse, we are able to equip existing buildings with the conveniences of the modern luxury home: an airtight building envelope, efficient heating and cooling systems, efficient general, ambient and task lighting, state of the art audio, visual and information technology systems, and all the amenities afforded in luxury kitchens, baths and basements.

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Wine Cellar Design and Construction

The principal of Vine Properties has been a wine connoisseur and avid collector for over 15 years and has been featured in articles in the Doings (“Fruit of the Vine”, April, 2007) and has appeared on CNBC’s television show “High Net Worth” to discuss both wine collecting, as well as wine cellar management and construction.

It is through both our distinctive and extensive knowledge of wine and construction that we are uniquely situated to bring the dream of a wine cellar to your existing home or appropriately include one in your plans for a new home. We have extensive experience in the correct preparation of the space, including drywall selection, insulation, vapor barrier, and humidity and temperature control. We also can assist in designing and manufacturing custom racking systems that are as useful and practical as they are beautiful. The principal of Vine Properties is also able to provide consultation on filling your new wine cellar with wines of distinction that fit your particular palate.

Please contact us should you have the desire to install a wine cellar in your existing home and peruse the photos of some of the wine cellars we have custom installed recently.

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Real Estate Services

Bryan J. Freel is a licensed real estate broker in Illinois. A real estate broker with a construction and professional background is the ideal candidate to assist you in the location of an existing home (or land) that might meet your needs for new construction, renovation or expansion. Please contact us to learn more.

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